How mobile phone providers in the EU stack up to the US?

How mobile phone providers in the EU stack up to the US?

Mobile phone industry is the fastest growing industries in the electronics as a huge amount of mobile phones are being produced every day and many new brands have been launched in the past few years. There are many mobile phone brands that are introducing advanced features every day to dominate the other brands.

These brands are not only introducing the new features to target more customers but they are also trying some other ways to get more customers. Some mobile phone brands have linked up with the telecommunications of the major countries and now they are providing quality services in a specific country with the help of the telecommunications.

That’s why there is a great difference in the services of mobile phone brands in different countries. The EU and US are the two most powerful countries of the world and they are the target of most of the mobile phone brands that’s why people in both the countries are enjoying better services as compared to other countries.

But when it comes to comparing both the countries, we find that there are some differences in the services that mobile phone brands are providing in these countries. So, today we’re going to take a look at the services these top handynummer orten are getting from the mobile phone companies.

Internet Data Plan

The Internet Data Plan that you can avail in the US isn’t available in the EU. The internet speed in the US is faster than the EU because all the companies try their services in the US before spreading them to other countries. So, the US has taken an advantage in the internet speed and you can enjoy the high-speed internet in the US with unlimited data usage.

When we talk about the data plans in the EU, we come to know that the data plans aren’t bad there but still their speed and limited data plans can’t compare the data plans provided in the US.

Warranty Claim

The warranty claim in both the countries is almost the same. There are only a few minor changes but they do not affect the overall claim. You can easily exchange your phone if it gets damaged or the software stops working properly. The only problem in EU is that you have to submit your phone to the manufacturer yourself while in the US, you can send the phone via post.


The quality of mobile phones in the EU is better than the US because there are lots of mobile phone companies that have their warehouses in several EU states and they try their best to produce the perfect quality phones for the EU as they have their own concerns as well. However, the quality of mobile phones in the US is still better than many other countries.

How can technology improve grammar and writing ability?

Technology is bringing lots of amazing benefits to our life. Technological equipment is being used in all walks of life. Today, we’re going to talk about the technology that has made many things easier for students, writers, and editors etc. Yes, we’re talking about the grammar checking tools that are helping people find a reliable solution for their problems.

Only the students, writers and editors can understand the importance of writing error-free content. In the past, it was very difficult to write a piece of the article because the writers were supposed to check all the mistakes after writing the article. They used to spend a lot of time on editing their work. Some writers had hired some editors and proofreaders to check their work.

The things have become very different now. You can now easily check all the grammatical and spelling errors in your piece of writing with the help of thousands of tools available online. Some of these tools are available for free while some tools charge you a small amount of money for providing their services. We recommend that you should only use the premium tools if you’re a professional writer.

Today, we’re going to talk about a few tools that can help you check grammar errors in your piece of writing.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the best tool that has been used for writing for many years now. There are several changes that you can apply to the text in the Microsoft Word. The best feature for writers is that they can easily detect the spelling mistakes and grammar errors while writing an article in the Microsoft Word.

The Microsoft Word underlines that mistakes that you’ve made in your piece of writing. The premium version of MS word uses the AI system and it keeps a record of your previous data and it automatically changes the mistakes that you have made in an article. For example, if you have made a mistake in the spellings of a word, it will automatically correct that error.

Similarly, it will indicate you the grammatical errors that you have made in your piece of writing.


Grammarly is another powerful tool that most of the writers and students are using to write their articles and thesis projects. Grammarly also uses the AI standards to find the mistakes in your content. You can easily install the Grammarly extension in your browser. There are different versions of Grammarly that you can use according to your requirements.

Most of the people use the free version but the premium version is far better than the free version. If you’re a student and can’t buy the premium version, you can take help from the Grammarly student discounts on Thus, you’ll easily be able to find a perfect solution to your everyday problems.