HSLAB HTTP Monitor Professional Edition

Professional edition is intended for in depth Apache web server analysis. This edition can be used for monitoring of parameters and operation for heavily loaded servers with a huge quantity of connections. With this edition you receive a set of useful network utilities, such as visual ping, trace route and whois, unlimited server profiles and many more. Complete list of differences you can see in edition matrix.

Usually, after you have bought VPS you feel euphoric – a lot of resources, many opportunities, compared to a virtual hosting everything works well and quickly. But after a while, the growth of the site, there are problems. Most often, they expressed a lack of memory, or in low-speed response of the site for its users. Do not immediately jump to a higher rate; you can try to configure Apache to suit your needs.

MaxClients directive sets the maximum number of concurrent requests that the server will support. Apache will not spawn more processes / threads than MaxClients. Value MaxClient should not be too small (otherwise, many clients remain unserved ), but you should not set too much – it is better not to serve some customers than to exhaust all resources to get into the swap and die under the load.

Good value can be MaxClients = amount of memory allocated to the web server / Max child process size or flow. For static files, apache uses about 2-3 MB per process, for the dynamic (php, cgi) – depends on the script, but usually around 16-32 MB.

If the server already serves MaxClients requests, new requests will fall into place, the amount of which is set by the ListenBacklog directive.

With HSLAB HTTP Monitor you can see:

web site stats:

  • Server connections diagram;
  • Server connections tree with all virtual servers on this host;
  • All opened documents / files for each virtual host;
  • Advanced filtering options;
  • Unlimited number of server profiles .

Besides, the statistical information concerning directly the server and the operating system is displayed:

  • Server version and operation system type;
  • Time when the server was last restarted;
  • Server uptime;
  • Number of requests for this time and full traffic;
  • Number of requests per second, volume of information per second and average volume of a request;
  • System processor performance counters;
  • Performance monitoring;
  • Alarm monitoring service.

HSLAB HTTP Monitor includes the Apache Configuration Wizard. The Apache Configuration Wizard will allow you to easily customize the server configuration file. It is not necessary for you to know the directives and syntax of Apache configuration files. The Apache Configuration Wizard will do it all for you!

The software allows you to create an unlimited number of “Server profiles”. A server profile is a stored set of settings for the server that you can activate immediately. Server profiles allow you to have different settings either for different servers or for one and the same server. It allows you to manage server settings quickly and flexibly. You can use “Apache Server Load Simulator” (our free tool) to server stress testing and fine tune all server parameters.

For Alarm monitoring service and Server connections diagram. Click here.

 HSLAB HTTP Monitor Professional Edition