the states has the most Mcdonald’s

A 9% of the McDonalds restaurants in the country are in California, which is the most populated state.

How to set a virtual host server in Apache

This is the first step in Creating a conf file. A new file could be created at /etc/apache2/sites-available by copying The second step is to modify the new conf file. In the Step 3 – Enabling a virtual host The colony is dubbed the Ste.

What is the contents of a database?

The data in the tables were captured in a database.

Is snowboarding a new sport?

In 1999 a snowboard was developed in the U.S. It became popular worldwide and was introduced as a Winter Olympic Sport at the 1998 Winter Olympics.

What is the difference between Microsoft Office and OpenOffice?

You can download the free and open source OpenOffice App. One of the largest office suites is Microsoft Office, an all-in-one suite of applications that cost only a few dollars a month.

Is it possible to install Office365 offline?

Go to to download the offline installer Select the office to begin installation. In the Download and install window, you can select other options. Don’t check the box if you don’t want Microsoft to install in you language.

How to fix ERR_SSL_PROT.

Clear state. The settings on theDNS haven’t fully propagated yet. Check the system time period and date. There is no Browser cache or Cookies. Please don’t use browser extensions. Browsers need to be updated to the latest version. You should update your operating system.

Is it a good program?

It is a positive option that offers a complete office suite. Being completely free is the most important advantage. An decent office suite with a good range of features

What is the best type of nylon 66?

That version was discontinued in 1963. The price of the bright green Apache version of the Model 66 was lower at K-mart.

How much is it to get you out of a drunk driving conviction?

How much is the average amount of a intoxicated driver inCalifornia? There is no cost for conviction of drunk driving in California. Between bail, court fees, and other court costs, the state has an average cost after an arrest that is between $10,000 to $12,000. This average includes the attorney

Did Harborfreight offer discounts for seniors or military?

Harbor Freight sells tools at low prices. They do offer other ways to save for customers, but they don’t offer a military discount.

How did the Apache make firearms?

The Apache used stones, wood, and bone in their weapons. Stone was used for spear points and arrowheads. A few points were added to the arrow shafts or spear shafts. They used to do this with rawhide.

how much is Apache Prime?

Damage from 4 to 8 can be increased by Razor Rotors and pierce from 20 to 40. The upgrade costs $38,250 on Easy, $45,000 on Medium, $48,600 on Hard, and $54,000 on Impable.

Where does httpd go?

Apache is located in the Windows or “c:/Program files/Apache Group/Apache” in the Apple system.

How to install apache2?

The following command is used to install Apache. The Apache process can be started with the following command. You need to execute the following command to see the service status.

What is that, a video?

Apachehadoop jobs are managed by the workflow scheduler system, called Oozie. The system that is operated by Oozie is dependent jobs and allows users to create directed acyclic graphs. The way they can be run is by parallel and sequential computation.

What is ProxyPass?

ProxyPass is the main proxy configuration Directive This case it tells you that everything under the root URL should be mapped to the server at the address.

Is there a common route to access apache2 in Ubuntu?

The root of the document is /var/www/html. You can make your own virtual hosts.

Apache License cost how much?

For use of or download of Apache projects will not cost you anything

Is there a difference between Apache and Redis?

Short-lived messages and persistence are not required when using the in-memory database from Redis. While not a traditional data store, Kafka is built for large amount of data storage and can be used to fulfill other applications.

What about Apache?

The Apache software. There is a downloaded version of the Apache at httpd. 2.4.51.

What is the significance of Apache Spark?

Apache Spark is designed for real-time processing. The Apache Software Foundation sponsors the project. The MapReduce model is extended with the help of Spark, which uses the limitations of Apache MapReduce.

Which one is better, Apache Beam or spark?

With Spark it is easy to do large-scale data processing and analytic tasks. Adding more clusters to the horizontal scale will make it scale horizontally. The Apache Beam provides high-speed data processing.

Is IBM’s OpenWhisk serverless?

The platform is open source and serverless.

All the Maven dependencies are what I am confused about.

There’s an option to open the context menu in the POM. You can also press either Ctrl +Alt.Shift or Alt. In the diagram window, you’ll see the sub project and all its dependencies.

What does Apache Maven do?

The tool uses the source tree as the basis of a Maven Plugins descriptor. The Generate report files for the the Mojos can be generated using it.

There are 3 free products.

3 Free or 5 Free is what is promised by companies when removing their even toxic chemicals from their products. Some chemicals are known as the ‘toxic trio.’

Cul tiene el alsa de Apache?

Con jugo de limn, cebolla, Jitomate, chile manzano, and aceitunas, preparacin elaborada con carne de smolida fresco. Todos los ingredients van finamente picados. Se sirve by the food.

How much do you spend on camp at the South Carolina State Park?

Standard sites cost 14 cents per night. Paying $17/night for full hookup sites is a viable option.

Hive was developed.

Hive was created to let non-programming people work with large amounts of data with a database interface called Hive QL. The traditional databases can not process huge.

Can skiing be worth anything in March?

In March you need shorter lift lines which are more Horizontal. You could find bigger discounts.

What part of Texas did the Apache live?

The Trans- Pecos region is in Texas. The Apache were a very dominant group. They may have moved through west Texas if they wanted to conduct their raids into northern Mexico. Apache were nomadic hunters.

What is the location of Apache archiva?

The administrator of Archiva can be accessed via the online portal.

How do I make a row in query?

To make a Row, use the RowFactory. Row objects can be constructed with field values.

Log4j can be detected by vulnerability scanning.

You can utilize the tool to create a log query, and then conduct a potential exploit evaluation. Log4jscanner is an open-sourced file system cleaner created by webmaster, that provides a means of detecting the Log4j vulnerability.

What happened in Apache Wells?

In 1962, the Apache Wells Mobile City was founded. A club house, some homes, a travel trailer resort, and a community of site built homes are in the area of McDowell Road. Hughes family acquired land

Where is poker located?

In addition to buying in bulk we also keep our office near some of the chip firms. A licensed distributor of Chipco poker chips is what we have.

I want to know what the top speed of Apache 200 is.

The top speed is 127 kmph.

How does Apache tapestry work?

Apache is a framework used to build websites. annotations and naming were used for configurations. Simple POJOs make up all the components.

Star Office isn’t free.

In 1999 Sun Microsystems acquired the source code of StarOffice, andreleased version 10 as a free, open source office suite called

Is Apache Spark old?

Once the 4 to 5 years have passed, the usage of the service will be simplified as an engine in platforms. Data engineering roles will soon be combined with a role related to analytic engineering.

Is the best free word processor?

There are some pictures of people in a picture of people in a picture of people in a picture of people in a picture of people in a picture of people in a picture of things Word in online form. That paper is stored on the cloud. The program Apache OpenOffice. The focus writer. The pads were phetpad. Soft Maker is free. There’m a Writemonkey

How to make maintenance adjustments to the apache2 in theUbuntu server?

The current version of apache2 is apache2 -v. Step 2 continues… It is necessary to use the below command to update and install apt. You can check the latest version of apache2.

The largest yard sale in the world is located in the United States.

The world’s largest yard sale returns for the 23rd year at the Hamburger Coliseum. The store will be in the event for the year. Yard-Gar is accepted by the event.