How mobile phone providers in the EU stack up to the US?

Mobile phone industry is the fastest growing industries in the electronics as a huge amount of mobile phones are being produced every day and many new brands have been launched in the past few years. There are many mobile phone brands that are introducing advanced features every day to dominate the other brands.

These brands are not only introducing the new features to target more customers but they are also trying some other ways to get more customers. Some mobile phone brands have linked up with the telecommunications of the major countries and now they are providing quality services in a specific country with the help of the telecommunications.

That’s why there is a great difference in the services of mobile phone brands in different countries. The EU and US are the two most powerful countries of the world and they are the target of most of the mobile phone brands that’s why people in both the countries are enjoying better services as compared to other countries.

But when it comes to comparing both the countries, we find that there are some differences in the services that mobile phone brands are providing in these countries. So, today we’re going to take a look at the services these top handynummer orten are getting from the mobile phone companies.

Internet Data Plan

The Internet Data Plan that you can avail in the US isn’t available in the EU. The internet speed in the US is faster than the EU because all the companies try their services in the US before spreading them to other countries. So, the US has taken an advantage in the internet speed and you can enjoy the high-speed internet in the US with unlimited data usage.

When we talk about the data plans in the EU, we come to know that the data plans aren’t bad there but still their speed and limited data plans can’t compare the data plans provided in the US.

Warranty Claim

The warranty claim in both the countries is almost the same. There are only a few minor changes but they do not affect the overall claim. You can easily exchange your phone if it gets damaged or the software stops working properly. The only problem in EU is that you have to submit your phone to the manufacturer yourself while in the US, you can send the phone via post.


The quality of mobile phones in the EU is better than the US because there are lots of mobile phone companies that have their warehouses in several EU states and they try their best to produce the perfect quality phones for the EU as they have their own concerns as well. However, the quality of mobile phones in the US is still better than many other countries.

How can technology improve grammar and writing ability?

Technology is bringing lots of amazing benefits to our life. Technological equipment is being used in all walks of life. Today, we’re going to talk about the technology that has made many things easier for students, writers, and editors etc. Yes, we’re talking about the grammar checking tools that are helping people find a reliable solution for their problems.

Only the students, writers and editors can understand the importance of writing error-free content. In the past, it was very difficult to write a piece of the article because the writers were supposed to check all the mistakes after writing the article. They used to spend a lot of time on editing their work. Some writers had hired some editors and proofreaders to check their work.

The things have become very different now. You can now easily check all the grammatical and spelling errors in your piece of writing with the help of thousands of tools available online. Some of these tools are available for free while some tools charge you a small amount of money for providing their services. We recommend that you should only use the premium tools if you’re a professional writer.

Today, we’re going to talk about a few tools that can help you check grammar errors in your piece of writing.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the best tool that has been used for writing for many years now. There are several changes that you can apply to the text in the Microsoft Word. The best feature for writers is that they can easily detect the spelling mistakes and grammar errors while writing an article in the Microsoft Word.

The Microsoft Word underlines that mistakes that you’ve made in your piece of writing. The premium version of MS word uses the AI system and it keeps a record of your previous data and it automatically changes the mistakes that you have made in an article. For example, if you have made a mistake in the spellings of a word, it will automatically correct that error.

Similarly, it will indicate you the grammatical errors that you have made in your piece of writing.


Grammarly is another powerful tool that most of the writers and students are using to write their articles and thesis projects. Grammarly also uses the AI standards to find the mistakes in your content. You can easily install the Grammarly extension in your browser. There are different versions of Grammarly that you can use according to your requirements.

Most of the people use the free version but the premium version is far better than the free version. If you’re a student and can’t buy the premium version, you can take help from the Grammarly student discounts on Thus, you’ll easily be able to find a perfect solution to your everyday problems.

Essential software solutions for running a retail service

The speed of competition had increased with the start of industrial revolution.  This decade has witnessed cut-throat competition in every field regardless of size.

One such institution is your business of which retail is a small part. Nowadays, young business prefers to provide retail services through which they will be able to earn profit from various sources at the same time.

However, performing retail services is not child’s play. It requires a lot of prep time, powerful strategies, envisioning possibilities, unmatched experiences and much more. Thanks to technology, we can now work incredibly well with the help of the software so why not give it a try.

One Step Retail Solutions

They have visualized to make technology a useful tool for small retailers and providing a solid platform for them to compete against the established retailers.

Apart from possessing a state-of-art technology, they are equipped with all the necessities required for installation and technical support. Along with this, and many other specifications they have been ranked as the top service provider. This helps their clients meet their business goals effectively by providing the best software for that.

NetSuite Solutions

This decade has witnessed the heavy use of internet on daily basis. In fact, most of the work of our day to day life is progressing because of the fast speed of the internet.

Therefore, any malfunction or disruption on the internet leads to tension and anxiety. Since most of the work is done online, as provided on BMAN, any disturbance like this can greatly affect the rapport of the online transactions taking place.  That’s why warehouse management software is key to the success of your business.

This is where NetSuite steps in. They promise a strong connection and can deliver versatile functions altogether that is cloud-based.

They facilitate the users with the right type of hardware, and software and the applications required through effective consultation. The software can do all the business analytics, dashboards, sales metrics, item listing in no time.

Epos Now

Designed for medium sized business it facilitates the retailers by providing Inventory Management, Customer Management, and also includes ledgers, purchase orders and payrolls.

It is compatible with both Android and Mac. It has a large variety because of various different integrated solutions.

So why wait any longer, hurry up and get a perfect companion for your retail services.

Useful software to track the performance of your SEO Campaigns

Mankind can still recall those years when they had stepped in the new world of speed with the spectacular inventions such as the automobiles. As time evolved, competition has also increased between the minds of the genius inventors in every field among which SEO campaigns is one.

Nowadays, broadcasting personalized messages to the large-scale masses is the never-ending pursuit of all the businesses. In fact, it has formed itself into a new art. The ones who have mastered it, are able to maintain supremacy on the search engines as it’s their website which secures the top position of the trending list.

Access to hundreds of SEO’s, campaigning software is just a click away. HigherVisibility, Distilled, and Acronym are some of the famous SEO companies with renowned clients e.g. eBay, Warner Brother, Microsoft etc.

However, using software like SEO Malta provides, helps play a vital role in tracking your SEO Campaigns. SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is your perfect companion when you want to make your website visible for the masses.

A software will be highly effective if it has mastered in choosing the most appropriate keyword that will successfully capture the loyal visitors in long-run and get you famous clients like Coca-Cola, Porsche, Kellogg’s, Cisco etc.

It also means that the famous search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing will increase the website traffic by linking the search with your website thus, increased the level of the broadcast. It is done by providing backlinks and has become a high-quality optimization technique too.

Moreover, an SEO audit facilitates you with the final checking. By doing so, it highlights all what you have missed or if there is any type of improvement required.

This facility aids you to stay in your budget as an auditor is very expensive to hire! Another property that resides in a good software like Razorfish is the analysis that helps you keep track of data and the improvement in the visibility of the audiences over a period of time.

Last, but not the least is the report work. Your SEO assists you not only in doing your work but also saves your time. All that you have to do is allow the software to work peacefully.

Unlike the previous years, you no longer have to do all the analysis work and save and print it. However, you have to keep a hawk’s eye on the regular reports to know where it’s arising from.

Else, everything will be done by it. The best software also notifies you to modify the updates that are needed with the passage of time. So why wait any longer? Hurry up and get a smart assistance with the aforementioned properties for your SEO campaigns and enjoy supremacy over your competitor websites!

Finding a Local Web Design Agency: Pros and Cons

If you are looking to promote your company or business online, then you will surely need a good website. You will either have to design and develop the website yourself or take the services of a local web design agency. For example, for this website we hired a Miami web design agency for building and designing Apache Monitor from the ground up.  Beofre hiring anyone though, there are certain factors that you need to consider. Are you aware of the type of experience possessed by the web design agency? Is the agency worth the service cost that it is charging? Can you trust the agency with its online identity? There are some advantages and disadvantages of getting the services of a local web design agency, and they have to do with everything starting from trustworthiness and cost to reliability and loyalty.

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Local Web Design Agency

One of the best ways of preparing for any big decision is coming up with a list of advantages and disadvantages. So, here we are with the list of the pros and cons of hiring a local web design agency for designing your company website.


  • One of the greatest advantages of hiring the web design services of a local company is cost savings in some ways. Getting hold of a skilled and experienced web design agency in your locality with lower service charges will help you in decreasing your expenditures. Technically speaking, since the designers working for the web design company are not your employees, you will not have to make payments of taxes on the wages of the designers and developers.
  • Local web design agencies have this amazing ability to bring a fresh and new perspective to the image of a company. Plus, you must not forget that web designing is a very creative job. Thus, even if you have specialist programmers on staff, it does not mean that they will be creative enough.
  • Outsourced web design agencies have more work experience in comparison to the in-house web design departments. This is because web design is the core activity of the outsourced web design agencies. This comes as the greatest benefit for cutting-edge and complicated website requirements.


These are not cons. However, you need to remain aware of potential risks.

  • Designing a website is an innovative job. Therefore, it might be a little difficult to get a web design agency outside the company that can understand your business ideas and requirements. Web designers work on specific instructions and therefore if you miss on something, it would be a blow to your business. Additionally, your taste and the taste of the outsourced web design company might differ.
  • You have to put in excellent planning and coordination efforts for your company if you are working with a local web design agency.


Web designing is an intricate task, and not all web design agencies have the ability to create the best websites. Therefore, it is essential for you to get hold of an excellent web design agency that can design attractive and user-friendly websites.

Set Your Company Up For Success With A Custom Web Design Firm

Your company started as nothing more than a thought, a dream you developed over several years. Beginning with that, you spent years working had to make that dream the successful business it is today, and you could not be more proud of that fact. You have a fantastic company, run by a staff that is the best in the business, selling a product that is in demand.

Still, though, you are not satisfied. You want to keep growing. And you think the way to do that is to further engage with your target market. You think the opportunity to this lies in your company’s website. Guess what? You are probably right.

How can you make a successful business with a website

web design company

Unfortunately, up until now, the site has been largely neglected: not much thought went into its design. There is little more than some basic information about the company on your page. However, you’re not the only one. Many businesses make this mistake, and a case study on the matter is available at web design Surrey BC. They ignore their site, assuming it is unimportant, and this have a significant negative effect.

In fact, it can be very costly and detrimental to the company’s future.

The solution lies in…

However, there are web developers who know what it takes to make a website successful. They have studied the market and the behavior of consumers. They are well acquainted with the ins and outs of what needs to be considered when creating a website. Today, we are going share some of those tips with you so you can put your company on the path to success. 

Make sure your site is responsive

If there is one thing every web designer knows is important when it comes to creating a website, it is that the site must be responsive. In the early age of the Internet, when companies and customers alike were just dipping their toes into utilizing websites, there weren’t many devices or browsers available. So, websites didn’t have to be able to react to multiple devices or browsers. However, that is not longer the case, and your website must take that into account. It must be able to work across all browsers and adjust to whatever device is accessing them. For instance, sites must automatically resize their pages when they are accessed by a device with a smaller screen.

You can take it a step further by creating a mobile site. When you choose to do this, mobile users will automatically redirect to this mobile site. It will be a more streamlined, simple version of your site full site. However, it is important that this site is still fully functional. Having a website that mobile users are able to access is important. By failing to do this, you will be effectively turning away a significant portion of your target market, which will hurt your company, both now and in the future.

web design

Design intuitively

As we have become more and more reliant on the internet, we have become accustomed to certain behaviors. Sites behaving in a particular way has become ingrained in our subconscious, and now we expect every site to act in similar ways. You must take this into consideration when you are designing your site. You do not want to try and break new ground or reinvent the wheel. Instead, you should give the visitor exactly what you (or they) want. Visit to find out more.

Take, for example, your click-through links. You can place them near the top right of the page, as that is where most people will look first. If your site is intuitive, visitors will be more likely to have a pleasant, stress-free experience when using it. They can spend their time learning about your company, instead of attempting to figure out how to use your site. In fact, if they have to put in a considerable effort to figure out how your site works, it is more likely that they will leave instead. And they will probably not come back.

Consider hiring outside help

Learning the things we have already discussed will put you on the right path to creating a site that becomes a valuable asset to your company. However, it should also be obvious by now that this is both a difficult and incredibly important task. That is why it is often a smart idea to bring in a web design firm. These firms are experts in giving companies sites that will take them to the next level and help them grow into a successful future. While it does mean your company will have to spend more, in the beginning, the returns you see for many years to come will be well worth the cost. You should think of it as investing in your company’s future.

The Benefits of Using VoIP Phone Systems

Most businesses have already heard of VoIP and for the past years, they have found benefits from using VoIP phone systems. VoIP means Voice over Internet Protocol. This phone service that could be used over the Internet is still very new to other people but not for those tech savvy professionals.

using voip phone systems

Here are the benefits of using VoIP phone systems for business:

VoIP Saves Money

The inexpensive cost of VoIP is the major reason most businesses integrate it to as their phone system. It can definitely cut up to 70% of your monthly telephone expenses. The overall cost of VoIP phone systems is even lesser compared to the traditional telephone services. This is why we should be thankful for Internet calling. Setting up VoIP does not need technical resources or any hardware installation that is why this is very cost-effective.

VoIP Helps Reach More Customers

Using VoIP phone systems

Leveraging the features of VoIP and the low-cost of Internet calling can significantly help a business reach larger audience locally and internationally. One reason is that it is budget-friendly to have toll-free and international numbers so it will be very easy for your customers who are outside your region to get in touch with your business. Furthermore, with the professional features of the VoIP phone system, you can instantly add massive value to your business from a customer service and marketing perspective.

VoIP Gives Small Businesses Enterprise-Level Features

The professional features that are in the VoIP phone systems Louisville KY can surely give customers the advanced and rich experience that they deserve when they call your business. VoIP has enterprise features such as call forwarding, customized IVR menus, call recording, conference calls, caller ID, call logging, call screening, voicemail, opening hour filters, hold music, and Google Analytics integration on phones.

VoIP Provides Flexibility

If you will be out of your office for quite some time but still need to receive and make calls, the VoIP can also let you do this. One of its valuable features is the call forwarding which can allow you to forward incoming calls to other numbers like your landline or phone number. You can set the opening hour filters, especially on closed hours so that incoming calls will directly go to voicemail.

VoIP Makes Small Businesses Sound Big

using voip phone systems

The size of your business does not matter because VoIP phone systems are very affordable, flexible, and have smart communication tools that your business can have. Their advanced features such as the automated IVR menu when customers are calling makes your business sound just like a Fortune 500 company. In business, you need to have a professional image and VoIP can offer you this one.

With the professional value, stress-free, and low-cost benefits of VoIP, it does not matter if you are still in a traditional setup. You just have to search for reliable VoIP service providers to help you decide on the right features and plans for your business. Set up the VoIP phone system for your business today!

Taking a look at the features that Microsoft Office 2016 has to offer

There are many enhancements made in the office 2016 that have the ability to integrate more accurately with OneDrive and SharePoint. Keeping the record of all the features can definitely be confusing, therefore, we have chosen a few important features to share with you.

Microsoft Office 2016

Here are the features that you may find interesting about Office 2016:

Real-time co-authoring: –

Microsoft office 2016 real time co authoring

The productivity suite in 2016 allows you to work simultaneously on the same document with your colleagues using the desktop version. Without overwriting each other’s changes, the colleagues can work on the same PowerPoint presentations and Word documents that are saved on OneDrive or SharePoint. Note that the “real-time typing” feature is only available in Microsoft Word for now that allows you to see your colleagues working on the same document.

PowerPoint doesn’t have the feature of real-time typing but it supports co-authoring.

Simplified document sharing: –

The prominent “Share” button in the ribbon now allows you to easily share your documents in ms office 2016. This feature of sharing is available across PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. You can provide access to a document to your team members using this share button and it also works as a one-stop location to see who is currently working on the document or to review access permission. In order to share the files with your team members, you must save them either in OneDrive or SharePoint.

Ability to send large files: –

Microsoft Office 2016

This feature of sharing large files with your friends and colleagues by sending a private URL is no integrated into the Microsoft Office. The recipients can easily download the attachments by clicking on the link that is automatically generated by the Outlook, believing that they are already synchronized to a SharePoint folder or OneDrive account. You can also choose to attach the file as a local file copy or specify whether they can be edited.

Improved Versioning: –

If you have just realized that you have accidentally deleted a chunk of content or made a mistake while editing a document you can solve that problem with the help of this latest version. You can directly view the historical version of Office files using the PowerPoint, Excel, and Word for files that were saved on OneDrive and SharePoint for Business.

Go to File and see the History section to see all the versions, load the desired version in a separate window by simply clicking on it. When collaborating with others or editing a file you can review the earliest drafts of documents with the help of this feature.

Smart Lookup: –

This feature allows you to instantly view some related information by selecting “Smart Lookup” from the context menu by highlighting a word without having you to leave your Office app. You can use this feature to look up the definition of a new word. And it also allows you to gain some context with an unfamiliar term.

These latest features of Microsoft Office are incredibly awesome and you’ll really enjoy using them.

Free Professional HSLAB Apache Load Simulator Tool

Free professional HSLAB Apache Load Simulator tool – load performance testing for any type of your web servers

This software is created to give you an impression of how your Apache server works. Also you can test how many requests per second your Apache server is capable of serving. Load Simulator is a great way to really put stress on a server.

Load Simulator runs multiple http clients in parallel, to test the performance of a web server. However unlike most such test clients, it runs in a single process, so it doesn’t slow down the client machine. It can be flexible configured to use https clients as well.

You can benchmark Apache, IIS or any other web server with this Load Simulator benchmarking tool.

First of all, server benchmarking is not a trivial thing. To benchmark your server the time it will take to send a page to the client is not very important and you don’t care if a user can load the page in 1 millisecond or in 5 milliseconds as nobody can have such delays in network or on the Internet.

Most important is the average time to take a page when you have a maximum number of clients on your server simultaneously. Also important thing is how much more time it will take when there are 2 times more clients: a server that takes 2 times more for 2 times more clients is better than another that takes 4 times more for the same number of clients.

Web server benchmark procedure

  • Use identical hardware and software configuration, kernel for all tests
  • Use identical network configuration. For example, use 1000Mbps network adapter for all tests
  • Before testing record server load using HSLAB HTTP Monitor, uptime or  top tools
  • Take at least 3…4 or more readings and use the average results
  • After each test you should reboot your server and continue your test on next web server configuration
  • Record server load again using HSLAB HTTP Monitor,  uptime or  top tools
  • Continue your test using static html or php pages and dynamically created pages and scripts
  • It also very important to run tests using the KeepAlive and Non-KeepAlive  features (the Keep-Alive module  provides long-lived sessions, which allows clients to send multiple requests over the same connection).

    Also  test your server using fast-cgi and perl scripts.

For Server Benchmarking and professional HSLAB Apache Load Simulator tool. Visit

HSLAB HTTP Monitor Lite

HSLAB HTTP Monitor Lite is a basic solution for visualization of the connections and performance data for Apache servers Web in real time. The information is collects remotely, the server and the HTTP Monitor can works in different places without any restrictions. This software connects to the Web server and receives from it the information about connections (sessions) by the current moment.

Using HSLAB HTTP Monitor you can see all user’s connections to each virtual server both as a queries tree and as the table. Review of extended statistics of requested documents in graphical representation and as a tree of documents also is available. You can view of documents allocation by pages, images, files and other documents. HSLAB HTTP Monitor uses an options of Apache web server on display its connections statistics. The statistical information turns out from the server using HTTP requests and processed by the program for visualization.

For HSLAB HTTP Monitor and basic solution for visualization. Click here.

HSLAB HTTP Monitor Professional Edition

Professional edition is intended for in depth Apache web server analysis. This edition can be used for monitoring of parameters and operation for heavily loaded servers with a huge quantity of connections. With this edition you receive a set of useful network utilities, such as visual ping, trace route and whois, unlimited server profiles and many more. Complete list of differences you can see in edition matrix.

Usually, after you have bought VPS you feel euphoric – a lot of resources, many opportunities, compared to a virtual hosting everything works well and quickly. But after a while, the growth of the site, there are problems. Most often, they expressed a lack of memory, or in low-speed response of the site for its users. Do not immediately jump to a higher rate; you can try to configure Apache to suit your needs.

MaxClients directive sets the maximum number of concurrent requests that the server will support. Apache will not spawn more processes / threads than MaxClients. Value MaxClient should not be too small (otherwise, many clients remain unserved ), but you should not set too much – it is better not to serve some customers than to exhaust all resources to get into the swap and die under the load.

Good value can be MaxClients = amount of memory allocated to the web server / Max child process size or flow. For static files, apache uses about 2-3 MB per process, for the dynamic (php, cgi) – depends on the script, but usually around 16-32 MB.

If the server already serves MaxClients requests, new requests will fall into place, the amount of which is set by the ListenBacklog directive.

With HSLAB HTTP Monitor you can see:

web site stats:

  • Server connections diagram;
  • Server connections tree with all virtual servers on this host;
  • All opened documents / files for each virtual host;
  • Advanced filtering options;
  • Unlimited number of server profiles .

Besides, the statistical information concerning directly the server and the operating system is displayed:

  • Server version and operation system type;
  • Time when the server was last restarted;
  • Server uptime;
  • Number of requests for this time and full traffic;
  • Number of requests per second, volume of information per second and average volume of a request;
  • System processor performance counters;
  • Performance monitoring;
  • Alarm monitoring service.

HSLAB HTTP Monitor includes the Apache Configuration Wizard. The Apache Configuration Wizard will allow you to easily customize the server configuration file. It is not necessary for you to know the directives and syntax of Apache configuration files. The Apache Configuration Wizard will do it all for you!

The software allows you to create an unlimited number of “Server profiles”. A server profile is a stored set of settings for the server that you can activate immediately. Server profiles allow you to have different settings either for different servers or for one and the same server. It allows you to manage server settings quickly and flexibly. You can use “Apache Server Load Simulator” (our free tool) to server stress testing and fine tune all server parameters.

For Alarm monitoring service and Server connections diagram. Click here.

Apache tuning and monitoring : HSLAB HTTP Monitor

With HSLAB HTTP Monitor, web server administrators always know who is currently connected, server operations distribution, amount of bandwidth being consumed, and number of server requests per unit of time. Since software is server independent, server running on Apache may be located thousands of miles away from where program is installed. Software shows all virtual servers being hosted, statistics for them, and what files or documents are being accessed.

HSLAB HTTP Monitor is a handy real-time apache performance monitoring and statistics analysis software application for Apache servers, which are used ubiquitously in the web hosting industry. Basically, with HSLAB apache performance monitoring system administrators always know who is currently connected (via connection tree), server operations distribution, amount of bandwidth being consumed, number of server requests per unit of time and other important server parameters.

Most importantly, HSLAB HTTP Monitor is server-independent. That is the web server may be located thousands of miles away, while the program (HSLAB HTTP Monitor) could be installed on home or office PC and the system administrator will always have access to server monitoring and server’s statistics or history real-time. This tool is very handy for many system administrators and web masters, because less then 1% of all servers are located in the same place where IT professionals work from.

HSLAB HTTP Monitor shows all virtual servers being hosted, statistics for them and what files or documents are being accessed. There is an option to create a profile for each virtual server – a handy feature indeed. HSLAB HTTP Monitor shows what operations are being executed:

Waiting for Connection, Starting up, Reading Request; Sending Reply; Keepalive (read); DNS Lookup; Closing connection; Logging; Gracefully finishing; Idle cleanup of worker; Open slot with no current process.

The best tool for server load monitoring, optimization, tuning and for faster allocation of the size and origin of the DOS/DDOS Attacks. For server stress testing you can use our free “Apache Server Load Simulator” to fine tune all server parameters.

For best tool for server load monitoring optimization and apache performance monitoring. Click here.